Customizing Donations

Donations work out of the box right after CypherpunkPay installation. The following customization is optional.

Setting donations cause

In the config file /etc/cypherpunkpay.conf set donations_cause value in the [donations] section. If not set, a “good cause” placeholder will be used.


# ...
donations_cause = Free Ross Ulbricht
# ...

Setting donations fiat currency

In the config file /etc/cypherpunkpay.conf set donations_fiat_currency value in the [donations] section. If not set, USD is assumed.


# ...
donations_fiat_currency = eur
# ...

Setting donations visual theme

In the config file /etc/cypherpunkpay.conf set theme value in the [expert] section.


# Visual theme effective for donations and merchant payments. Supported themes:
# - plain
# - entertainment
theme = entertainment

Setting donations example amounts

In the config file /etc/cypherpunkpay.conf set donations_fiat_amounts value in the [donations] section.


# ...
donations_fiat_amounts = [25, 75, 125, 250, 500]
# ...

Custom donations button

While CypherpunkPay offers a default donations landing page, it is easy to create your own page and buttons.

This is the form that creates a new charge in CypherpunkPay and redirects user to the CypherpunkPay payment flow.


  • Replace form action with your CypherpunkPay instance
  • Replace input values total and currency with donation amount you want to solicit

You can also set brief textual descriptions to show user on the payment pages:

  • Optionally set beneficiary value as name of your entity or organization
  • Optionally set what_for value as short description of the cause
<form method="post" action="">
    <input type="hidden" name="total" value="25"/>
    <input type="hidden" name="currency" value="usd"/>
    <!--<input name="beneficiary" value="ORGANIZATION" type="hidden"/>-->
    <!--<input name="what_for" value="CAUSE" type="hidden"/>-->
    <button>Donate $25 with cryptocurrency</button>

This will simply render a button similar to: