Lightning Network Quick Start for LND

Accepting Lightning Network payments is advanced feature for power users willing to manage their Lightning Network daemon.



  • You are expected to setup and manage your LND outside of CypherpunkPay (although obviously this could be on the same server)
  • Your LND wallet and CypherpunkPay wallet are separate wallets
  • CypherpunkPay uses a small subset of LND’s HTTP REST API to create LN invoices and to ask for their status


Add this to your /etc/cypherpunkpay.conf:


btc_lightning_enabled = true

# The protocol://host:port for the LND node.
# Note:
#   * we change LND's default 8080 port because it is already taken by CypherpunkPay in production
#   * LND enforces TLS even on the localhost by default, hence https
btc_lightning_lnd_url =

# CypherpunkPay will authenticate to LND with this token in an HTTP header:
# Grpc-Metadata-macaroon: <btc_lightning_lnd_invoice_macaroon>
# You can get the value by dumping relevant LND *.macaroon file into hex:
# import codecs; codecs.encode(open('/home/lnd/.lnd/data/chain/bitcoin/testnet/invoice.macaroon', 'rb').read(), 'hex')
btc_lightning_lnd_invoice_macaroon = 0201036c6e640258030a1048e0f05f02ff3f5ff7a4046ba186016e1201301a160a0761646472657373120472656164120577726974651a170a08696e766f69636573120472656164120577726974651a0f0a076f6e636861696e120472656164000006208778b5873594d4033de9b6b945d56e5b09cb00bb6001208d4366e8b348bd6a5f

Adjust URL to LND

Adjust URL to your LND (btc_lightning_lnd_url) in above config.


  • By default LND expects TLS even on (hence weird in the example)
  • LND’s default port 8080 will clash with CypherpunkPay, so you need to change it (hence
    • Don’t forget to also change it in LND’s config and restart LND

Adjust macaroon auth

Adjust the btc_lightning_lnd_invoice_macaroon - it is LND’s authentication mechanism.

Your LND generated this at ~/.lnd/data/chain/bitcoin/testnet/invoice.macaroon.

To get hex value you can process the binary file as suggested in the comments above.

Restart CypherpunkPay and test

sudo systemctl restart cypherpunkpay

After restart you should be able to pick “Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network” on the coin selection step.


Watch CypherpunkPay logs for specific error messages:

sudo journalctl -xe --unit cypherpunkpay.service