CypherpunkPay vs BTCPay Server

BTCPay Server is legendary

BTCPay Server is legendary software known for making ShitPay obsolete. It was our inspiration. BTCPay Server is great and fully featured self-hosted payment processor you should definitely take time to review.

BTCPay Server is designed to be a full merchant wallet if you provide it with a private key. In this advanced scenario, it supports Lightning Network, PayJoin and more.

What is not ideal about BTCPay Server

The drawback, in our opinion, is deployment and maintenance complexity and cost.

BTCPay Server is composed of many moving parts to the point manual installation and wiring up is not recommended by the authors.

Instead, you can go with the preconfigured docker image, which does work but adds further complexity and opaqueness to DevOps and SecOps (including custom updates mechanism). There is also a very easy “one-click” deployment option but that is specific to a handful of credit-card-required public clouds.

In our view, many security critical operations cannot afford this level of complexity.

CypherpunkPay advantages

We believe CypherpunkPay advantage is simplicity.

  • A single linux daemon
  • Linux packages and updates
  • Instant on, upgrade to full node when ready
  • $5 VPS compatible
  • Designed to work with onion services and Tor Browser as first class citizens; clearnet an afterthought