Designed to be DevOps and SecOps friendly

Officially packaged

Ubuntu and Debian signed packages are provided to make installation and updates easy, as well as official package repository you can add to your apt sources list.

Near-zero configuration

CypherpunkPay is designed to work out-of-the-box with near-zero configuration.

We carefully picked smart defaults. You don’t need to be a Bitcoin wizard.

Dependency free

The only dependency is a Tor daemon. It is installed automatically if you install CypherpunkPay from packages.

Single Linux daemon

The daemon is self-contained with full user interface, charge creation and handling, blockchain scanning, and optional callbacks to your store or service.

Systemd service

Official systemd service file is provided to properly start/stop/restart and oversee the daemon with systemctl in production. It is installed with a package.

Caddy, Nginx, and Apache ready

Any popular webserver is good for CypherpunkPay. For Caddy and Nginx examples config files are provided for quick reverse proxy setup.

No docker mess

CypherpunkPay does not force a whole infrastrucure upon you. CypherpunkPay aims to cleanly fit your infrastructure.