Dependency free

The only dependency is a Tor daemon. It is installed automatically if you install CypherpunkPay from packages.

Single piece

Single Linux daemon. The daemon is self-contained with full user interface, charge creation and handling, blockchain scanning, and optional callbacks to your store or service.

No full node required

Running a Bitcoin full node is encouraged and fully supported but not required.

Current version of CypherpunkPay cross-checks payment arrival on two random block explorers (their onion versions if available). All outgoing connections are made through Tor. See the privacy section on how CypherpunkPay mitigates some of the concerns related to using external block explorers.

No database required

CypherpunkPay uses builtin sqlite3. You do not need to install or configure a database.

No docker required

CypherpunkPay does not force a whole infrastrucure upon you. CypherpunkPay aims to cleanly fit your infrastructure.

No private key required

CypherpunkPay does not require your private keys on the server (no hot wallet). Accepted coins go straight to your Bitcoin wallet. Any modern desktop, mobile or hardware wallet will be good. CypherpunkPay only requires an xpub. The xpub is necessary to observe payments incoming to your wallet.

No shitcoins

CypherpunkPay currently only supports Bitcoin.

CypherpunkPay does not aim to maximize the number of supported coins or assets. In fact, we will be very hesitant with adding any assets, prioritizing simplicity and Bitcoin.

That being said, CypherpunkPay will consinder supporting whatever we believe may advance cypherpunk vision, especially regarding financial privacy. For example, we are considering adding Monero or Liquid BTC in the future.

Officially packaged

Ubuntu and Debian signed packages are provided to make installation and updates easy.